We decided to become a stockist, because we install a lot of pool decking.We've tested the product extensively.It works!

Crystal Blue - So Quick & Easy

Crystal Blue® is so simple to use. Just one dose a month provides a crystal clear, blue pool all year round. It’s that easy! A superior alternative to Chlorine disinfection, that is simpler, no constant maintenance and far healthier and safer for the whole family and environment.

Crystal Blue® is based on a unique patented formula of highly stabilized hydro-dioxide, a hybrid of hydrogen & oxygen. During sanitation it breaks down into oxygen and water, therefore no dangerous or toxic substances are formed as a by-product of its effectiveness

In addition, Crystal Blue® is colourless, odourless and tasteless when used in water. It provides a far more enjoyable pool experience, without red eyes or skin irritation. It is highly effective against green and black algae, bacteria, viruses, fungi and bio-film. Crystal Blue® is a true eco-friendly product that rejuvenates your body with oxygen.

Current Methods

For more than 130 years, the main disinfection product used in pool water has been Chlorine. The problem with these products is their ability to maintain a clear blue pool all year round. The constant maintenance to ensure water clarity, low chlorine levels and algae blooms is time consuming and tiring work.

The potentially harmful by-products, formed after sanitation, poses health and safety risks, resulting in eye and nasal irritations, asthma, rashes, headaches to mention a few and doubles the risk of certain cancers*.

Additionally chlorine is corrosive to pool equipment and fabric and once discharged is extremely environmentally unfriendly.


The use of Crystal Blue® will provide a cost effective swimming pool disinfection solution, delivering and maintaining an infection free environment, with none of the drawbacks associated with traditional methods.


5L : R450 incl vat

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