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It is very important to understand how the installed square meter price is calculated. There tends to be an incorrect perception that the installation portion is too costly. But, there are four aspects to calculating the installed square meter rate for a specific product. Below, we break it down, which makes it far easier to understand:

  • The cost of the actual product – with the decking, the cost of the clips and screws needs to be included. Importantly, it is imperative that products are considered in an “apples for apples” comparison. Not all companies offer the same quality or standard. Different products are of different qualities.

  • The cost of the material for the subframe – Nudek uses lightweight galvanised steel C-channel for inland projects and pressure-treated timber for coastal projects. When gathering costs, it’s important not to compare a galvanised steel structure price with a timber structure price.

  • Consumables – welding rods, cutting disks, screws, and concrete are all required to build a sturdy, beautiful structure.

  • Labour – THIS IS THE CRITICAL NUMBER. The three aspects above are similar for most contractors (provided the product type is the same or similar). Nudek's labour rate varies from R300 to R400 per square metre for a standard installation, meaning a minimum elevation above ground level deck. This rate allows us to pay our construction team of three or four people (which costs between R180 and R250 per square metre), as well as some hidden costs (like fuel). This does not leave a lot of “meat on the bone” after that.

A few T’s and C’s apply, but Nudek will do everything possible to assist you with your specific needs and vision.

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